The GTC (Global Transactions Charge) processing center provides a wide range of services for online businesses.

GTC – Worldwide Internet Acquiring

With GTC solutions, your business will be ready to accept payment cards on its website. Users around the world will be able to pay for your goods or services. Today payments on the Internet are the most popular way to pay for goods and services.

Software from TSP GTC allows you to make sure that your customers’ data is completely safe, transactions are protected according to the PCI DSS Level1 standard and also encrypted using the AES128 method. We work only with trusted partners in the market, ensuring high speed and conversion of payments. Our solution will help you attract new customers, increase sales and the efficiency of your business.

We can also connect your business to an intelligent anti-fraud system that blocks fraudulent transactions in real time.

GTC is a PCI DSS Level1 payment service provider offering a platform for accepting online payments from bank cards of users around the world.

All services of GTC:

Cooperation with GTC is a real chance to increase profits and increase the profitability of the company.


The safety of user data and the security of online payments.

By focusing on security and market compliance, the company is able to offer our customers a secure environment for processing CAT and payments in accordance with the PCI DSS Level 1 standard.

Thanks to the use of the most modern technological solutions, GTC (Global Transactions Charge) can be proudly called one of the most reliable payment platforms in the world. You and your customers can always feel protected from scammers. Our system monitors any suspicious activity and cuts off any possibility of illegal intent.

The ability to personalize settings for payments, limits and the geography of their acceptance helps to protect your business as much as possible and take into account its features.

Privacy and protection of user data

TLS 1.2 Using Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.2, GTC (Global Transactions Charge) ensures the safety of payment data during transmission, guaranteeing a secure connection between the server and the client’s browser. When using the TLS protocol, information is transmitted in encrypted form using the secure HTTPS (Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure) protocol, which allows you to avoid data interception.

Data encryption

GTC (Global Transactions Charge) has developed its own card data encryption application based on the AES-256 encryption algorithm. The number of the bank card from which the payment is made is automatically encrypted and only then enters the GTC database

Transaction monitoring

Automatic and manual verification of the availability of the payment system

Seamless verification of all processes related to incoming and outgoing transactions

The success of any online business directly depends on the availability of its service to users. When choosing to pay for goods or services online, users expect the transaction to complete successfully — otherwise, they are likely to be disappointed and leave your site. In order not to lose income, the payment process on your site should work like clockwork.

The GTC software allows you to:

Identify high-risk financial activities.

Reduce false positives.

Notify about attempted illegal transactions in real time.

Our software will conduct a detailed assessment of the reliability and solvency of the counterparty, find out if his assets were involved in illegal financial transactions.

Payment conversion

Maximum patency of payments and the success of payments.

Global Transactions Charge has a wide network of payment gateways around the world and at the same time constantly improves technology to meet current market requirements. In particular, the descriptor can be adapted to the client, including the features of the geography of receiving payments.

Payment routing

This is a flexible payment solution that uses the key features of banking products. Leveraging the functionality of available offerings, payment routing maximizes throughput by connecting to the customer’s infrastructure and applying business rules to streamline transactions

Improving the patency of the payment gateway

Global Transactions Charge is constantly working to improve its online payment processing software. This allows you to process more transactions on the same computing power. It also increases the reliability of work, improves integration with the site. Thanks to the use of cloud technologies, all these updates are immediately available to our customers.


Intelligent routing allows you to configure routing through various channels (accounts, currencies, banks), applying rules in real time — controlling the results and adapting possible scenarios to business needs.

Modular system

Simplify your business with our modular system, which provides a wide range of functionality and is easily managed via APIs to adapt to ever-changing business requirements.

The system for connecting to Global Transactions Charge is very simple, just download the necessary modules and install them following the detailed instructions. Ready-made modules allow you to set up online payment acceptance and other necessary services in the shortest possible time and increase the efficiency of your business. Our modules meet the most stringent transaction security requirements.

Cloud technologies

Global Transactions Charge actively uses cloud technologies for its solutions:
– for information storage (Storage-as-a-Service);
– for the database (Database-as-a-Service);
– for administration and management (Management/Governace-as-a-Service);
– for the operation of various applications that provide processing of Internet payments (Platform-as-a-Service).

This allows our clients to:
– to work steadily regardless of their technical capabilities;
– instantly use all updates of our software.

Permanent connection

The Global Transactions Charge (GTC) processing center provides a good quality of service for financial transactions and offers a direct connection to Visa and MasterCard authorization and clearing systems around the world.

Online payments through the Global Transactions Charge payment platform are processed in real time. The transaction is processed instantly. No delays or failures! Starting to work with GTC, you will be able to evaluate the high quality of services in practice. To provide maximum opportunities for our clients, we have created a convenient platform that can be easily integrated via SOAP or API interfaces.


Global Transactions Charge (GTC) verifies your customers, saving you the risk and extra care. We conduct our work in accordance with the KYC policy.

We help to minimize cases of fraud, increase the level of trust in you. Modern verification methods allow you to repeatedly reduce risks and save you from financial losses. Our verification system is time-tested and is constantly being improved. We use robust Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures:

determine the authenticity of the identity card, including documents of the investor;

compare the photo in the document with the user selfie;

determine the user’s age and national origin;

automatically flag counterfeit or counterfeit documents;

determine the liveliness of a real human face compared to a hologram

check photos in internal databases of fraudulent materials and cases to protect your service from professional fraud and cybercrime.