The GTC (Global Transactions Charge) processing center provides a wide range of services for online businesses.

Open banking solutions

Use our Open Banking API to easily accept payments through thousands of banks anywhere in Europe. Enhance your customer experience and create financial transparency for your customers with our two payment solutions.

Open Banking is an innovative financial technology that allows third party providers to access banking data to create custom services.

Choose from 2 unique GTC (Global Transactions Charge) solutions — Open Banking Account-2-Account and Open Banking Advanced, which allows you to make refunds and payouts to your customers through the Merchant Dashboard, and also includes deposit confirmation.

Account Features

  • Direct/instant bank transfer
  • Strong client authentication
  • Visible recipient and sender
  • Prefilled payer form
  • Advanced features of Open Banking
  • Fund aggregation
  • Deposit confirmation
  • Automatic reconciliation
  • Payouts and Refunds via API/Seller Panel
  • The name of the seller is displayed when receiving and sending money

What do your clients get?

GTC (Global Transactions Charge) guarantees security and GDPR compliance.

Easy payments with smart devices

Fast decision making on loans and other transactions

Internet acquiring

Accept payments from your users from anywhere in the world.

GTC (Global Transactions Charge) — offers card payment processing services, acting as both a direct acquirer (Acquirer) and a payment service provider (Payment Service Provider).

Global Coverage

GTC (Global Transactions Charge) — offers Internet acquiring services for accepting online payments from bank cards of users from all over the world.

Personal approach

A tandem of a personal manager, a risk analyst and a 24/7 technical support service works with each GTC client.


An intelligent anti-fraud system blocks fraudulent transactions in real time, protecting the business from losses associated with unauthorized payments.


Make timely single or mass payouts to your users.


Compliance with PCI standards in card data processing


Assistance in screening risks (according to the standards of KYC, AML, OFAC procedures)

Individual adjustment of the risk management system for a balance between conversion and security


Different integration methods: API, back office without integration, third party payment gateway provider

Multicurrency processing

B2B / B2C / C2C payouts

Individual payment page


API that your developers understand

Technical documentation that is regularly updated

Standard and individual transaction reports

Mass payments to bank cards

High one-time and monthly payout limits

Guaranteed delivery of payments (cascading) for various scenarios (region, business)

Payout support for various business types and market segments

Flexible payout schemes