Give your customers the opportunity to pay in a convenient way for them!

How does GTC payment system work?

GTC is a TSP (Technical Service Provider), we have direct contracts with several acquiring banks. We help to accept bank cards of various national and international payment systems to pay for goods or services of our clients — Merchants around the world.

GTC enters into an agreement with its clients (Merchants) to continuously support their businesses in payment acceptance on the Internet. For the convenience of our customers, in the contract for the provision of services, we indicate the tariffs for the service and guarantee high quality of service, uninterrupted services and 99.98% fault tolerance. We work on PCI DSS Level1 certified software that allow us to provide services throughout the world.

GTC carefully selects partners and clients. We check the possibility of cooperation, assess potential risks and be sure to carry out a complete identification and compliance procedure KYC (Know Your Client).

The GTC company in its work uses the Time Stamp Protocol (TSP) — a protocol that allows you to create a proof of the existence of an electronic document with reference to an exact specific point in time. To ensure the security of payments, our software uses Payment Tokenization – replacing a bank card number with a token — a random sequence of numbers. The token can be safely stored and used by merchants as it cannot be used for fraudulent purposes.

Trust the experience of GTC (Global Transactions Charge) specialists and make online payments safely. Out-of-the-box solutions for a merchant account.
One connection — a wide range of payment methods.

MPS Compliance

We work in accordance with the requirements of international payment systems (IPS) Visa and Master Card.

We connect acquiring for startups (possibly for individuals), we will tell aspiring entrepreneurs how to optimize their business. We will tell you how to comply with the banking regulations for acquiring.

Expansion of the geography of payments

Entering new markets! With us you can expand the geography of payments on your site. If you want to go international or focus on a specific market, we will accompany you. We support all major payment methods and different project verticals.

Merchant account

Thanks to our service provided to online merchants, you will be able to accept electronic payments on your website.

We provide a ready-to-implement platform for accepting online payments on your website, both for small and medium-sized businesses.

Internet acquiring

For the efficiency of your payment processes, we offer a progressive solution for the acquiring system.

The system of our services will provide the flexibility of payment processes designed for the most comfortable online business. We offer an adaptive module that works through a scalable API server and is configured individually.

Payment processing

Convenient mechanism and a wide range of processing services for acquiring banks and issuers.

For a leading position among competitors in the financial environment, you will be helped by our full range of processing services, allowing you to manage all stages of processing electronic payments. Modern technologies and a range of services provided will provide a stable platform for accepting online payments.